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EYFS Prime Areas

Personal and Emotional Development

“We consider our provision promotes the skills of interaction and confidence building in preschool is the basis of success in future education and life” 

Ofsted said “Staff are deployed effectively to be at hand to support children’s physical and emotional needs. They provide good support for children’s independence.

Communication and Language

“Without Language skills many children struggle to keep up with their peers. Ladybird staff have experience of Communication development and spend time talking with individual children at an appropriate level to encourage speech, understanding and listening skills”

Ofsted said “They(the children) demonstrate an eagerness to learn, gain control and coordination in their physical skills and become confident communicators”

Physical Development

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“All children develop at different rates and this is most variable in physical development, which includes personal care and health as well as motor skills. We have an outside area where children can use larger equipment, experience the different seasons and weather and work together collaboratively.”

Ofsted said “Staff have a good understanding of how children learn through play and taking part in challenging activities”

Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World and Expressive arts and design.

“Ladybirds provide opportunities every day for the children to experience books and numeracy including problem solving and challenges. By having a background topic each week the children experience literacy, nature, British values, different cultures a celebrations.”

Ofsted said “Staff encourage children to be observant and inquisitive”

Our Policies and Procedures

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